MOTHERS DAY GIVE AWAY - Honoring One Special Mother

Being a parent is probably the most selfless and crucial jobs on the planet.  Being a mother to me is the opportunity to experience loving someone more than I ever thought possible. As a single mother myself, with two beautiful girls, I've really begun to understand how absolutely crucial it is to make time for self-care.  A mothers love is like a raging river that collects itself in pure and silent pools for our children to partake,  as often as needed.  For this reason it is equally as important that we nurture ourselves by partaking of the rain that fills the river.  Without our own supply of replenishment, the strength a river needs to carry it's water will no longer be.  We (especially mothers) all too often give and give without taking time to re-fill our own well.   When we don’t take this sacred time to love ourselves, we risk loosing the resources and energy it takes to nurture the most precious gifts we have, our children. 

With mothers day approaching, DermaUtopia would like to take this opportunity to Honor One Special Mother in Need with a mini-spa getaway, a $300 value! 

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