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I went to DermaUtopia for the organic facial microdermabrasion treatment and have been using their acne products since then. The results from the facial treatment and consistent use of the acne products has shown dramatic improvements to my acne!

The overall experience at DermaUtopia was absolutely wonderful. Unlike other spas that focus on getting customers in and out, you are never rushed and everyone at DermaUtopia shows concern for your needs, takes time to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel like you are taken to another world! The ambiance and decor is nothing like you’ve seen at other spas. They serve a variety of teas while you wait and have a couch for you to chat with the specialists before and after your treatment.

I’ve had acne since I was a teenager and have tried many different acne products in the past with minimal results. However, I was able to see a significant improvement in my skin immediately after the microdermabrasion treatment. I was afraid that the treatment would hurt and cause redness to my skin, but I barely noticed it during the microdermabrasion treatment and had absolutely no redness afterwards! The microdermabrasion facial treatment uses top-of-the-line equipment found only in medical offices. The fact that you can walk in and receive a super effective microdermabrasion treatment without redness is a huge benefit.

Before my experience with DermaUtopia, I was only using over the counter acne treatment. The Blueberry and Coffee Bean Exfoliating Cleanser is similar to other facial scrubs that I’ve used before. But there are unique (fruit) ingredients that make it stand out above the rest. The other product I have been using is the Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash. The great thing about this product is that it is medical grade and works a lot better than over the counter products.

DermaUtopia focuses on all aspects of the skin, not just acne. They provide services and products for acne, rosacea-sensitive skin, pigmentation, as well as aging. The service and experience at the spa are not anything you’ll experience elsewhere. Stop by and see for yourself, you’ll never want to leave!
— Phong C.
I have very sensitive skin. Whenever I tried new products, I get rashes. However, Derma Utopia’s skin care is so gentle that works very well for me. Everyday, I put on Tinted sunscreen SPF50, it makes my skin feel soft and cover that don’t have to use moisturizer and foundation.
— Dionne Cao
Thank You very much Jojo and Dana for your oxygen revitalizing cleanser, my skin is too much better, and natural. Your technic is very pleasure, and not produce any irritation or red skin.
— Anna, allergy specialist
The microdermabrasion treatment was long overdue and much needed with my skin tone and texture. I felt refreshed after trying new safe and organic products from this line. I walked away with a subtle glow to my skin and learned more of what I need to do to take action of protecting my skin in the future. Thanks Josephine and Dana.
— Elaine
I just received my 2nd microdermabrasion last week, the overall experience was great and my skin felt totally different!! Thank you Dana and Jojo for the amazing treatment, my skin is smoother and the tone is much more even. I can’t wait for my next appointment!!
— Branda
I started with a lot of acne on my forehead and thanks to this Gly Sal cleansing pads my forehead’s pimples went away in a short time. My acne has been better in just a few months. I saw the results of this product in about 2 weeks from the day I started to use them and I’m very satisfied with it. This is one of the best inversions that I have done for my skin’s health.
— Angie Z.
My first time with derm abrasion! It was fantastic! My skin feels so smooth after the treatment. Dana is so great and very detailed with thr machine. She made sure to get every spot! Can not wait til the next treatment! Thanks Dana!
— Roger
Wow, the microdermabrasion treatment was impressive. I thought it was very thorough and done with such precision and care. I have a patch of melasma on my right cheek and after one treatment we could all see it lighter! the rest of my skin was shiny and glowing that i was confident about not wearing makeup on my skin for the next few days after ( i wear bb cream usually). everybody was super professional, funny and friendly. I don’t live in the area but will definitely go back for another treatment the next time I’m in town.
— Wendy
I recently received my first microdermabrasion from the experienced team at DermaUtopia. It was very relaxing, with just the right finesse. I received immediate & amazing results that I’d had expect from an knowledgable staff with a quality line. Very informative, durning treatment I felt as though I was lifted and infused into the ambiance of this soothing experience as they walked me through my treatment. Can’t wait for my next session!
— Gia Vuong
I have been using DermaUtopia’s products since 2013, and I have seen a lot of changes. My Derma kit has cleanser, moisturizer, acne treatment, and sunscreen. The cleanser is my FAVORITE thou! I use it twice a day. I know it is not recommended to use more than 2 times/day, but sometimes, I cannot control myself, I use 3 times/day, I LOVE USING IT!!! I really believe it works well. My pimples do go away. Without Derma, I don’t think my skin would ever experience the “PIMPLE-FREE” stage.
— Trinh

Michelle Tambaoan gave me the DermaUtopia's signature facial today.  The experience was very relaxing, wonderful and my face felt rejuvenated.   Everyone should try to have one from Michelle.  She has the special touch. The service was provided with professionalism and care.
I was served with exquisite hot tea and hand and foot massage, the whole package is a wonderful experience.   I was lucky to meet Dana personally, she gave me a personal introduction to her line of skin care.  I highly recommend their expertise in skin care.

My mom and I received a facial treatment from Dana and Michelle. They did a wonderful job in making us feel comfortable. Not only did they provide great services, they cared about helping and treating our condition. They answered all questions and was very patient with us. The reason why I am giving them a 5 star is because the quality of the overall business was outstanding (friendly, products work, clean surrounding, treatment is effective even the first time) . They are up to date on technology and natural products combined that makes their business unique and powerful to treat anyone with the condition they have inside and out. We are continuing our treatment with them and can't wait to see the result in 6 months. To be continued.


I have been seeing Michelle Tambaoan, a skin care specialist at DermaUtopia, for a number of months.  Michelle knows skin care and has such a kind and gentle manner that I feel instantly relaxed when I get a facial treatment.  My skin has never looked better!

DermaUtopia is a top-of-the-line medical spa and owner, Dana, brings her love of beauty and her expertise as a biochemist and product developer together in one lovely establishment.  I highly recommend DermaUtopia to anyone looking for expert skin care.

"Dana is amazing!! After my first facial, I looked at least 5 years younger(I'm not kidding).  She is so kind and obviously loves what she does-doesn't try and talk you into products or treatments you don't need.  I am getting married in a couple of months and stumbled upon her in a Groupon. She has changed my face and I will for sure be a customer for life-no more botox for me!!!.  Thanks you Dana and Derma Utopia!!!!"

"This place is AMAZING and Dana is the sweetest, most accommodating person ever. The facial was amazing and she was very knowledgeable about all things skincare-related. Also - she's in her forties and doesn't look a day over 29, so obviously she knows what she's talking about! The experience was amazing, the storefront is adorable, the products smelled and felt so good, and I left with skin that felt luminous and clean. I ended up buying some products as well to keep the good feeling going! She doesn't try to force you into products at all, which I feel happens almost every time I've had a facial. I can't wait to go back."

"I was referred to DermaUtopia by a friend because I was concerned about my 2 teenagers who are experiencing acne.   Dana was so nurturing and kind in explaining to them the proper skin regime to control and prevent their blemished skin.  After the thorough facials and microdermabrasion, we followed Dana's recommendation and purchased her products that are suited for their condition. After a couple months, my kids' skins are clear and healthy.  I need to add that I've been using Orlane and Guerlain products for years, but  decided to try a few of Dana's anti-aging products.   I love them!!   Not only DermaUtopia products are medical graded and organic,  they cost less than the ones I'm using.   But more importantly,  they work and I do notice a difference in my skin.  Thank you Dana!  

It's not easy to find someone who shows so much compassion and care towards clients.  Dana's customer service is a rarity."


"I have been coming to DermaUtopia for my organic waxing and my organic facial. Their service is outstanding and exceptional. I don't get any irritation or redness at all. My skin is improving daily as it is firmer, and healthier. I love their waxing services and their products are clinically proven results from three best lab in United States. They will spend all the time for you until you are satisfy with the results. After treatment, I always get pamper with unique tea and chocolate. I definitely recommend DermaUtopia to everyone who wants results and exceptional service."


"In an effort to keep my skin looking young and vibrant, I have spent lots of time and money on laser peels, BBL Photofacials, chemical peels, injectables etc. But now, Dana (the owner of Utopia and a biochemist), is teaching me how to improve and care for my skin in a more  natural and gentle but equally effective way. When her products and treatments are used properly and consistently, the result is beautiful youthful skin."


"Excellent care for sensitive skin.  Fabulous results."  NB V


"Simply put: The best facial I've ever received.
I was referred to Dana (the incredibly talented, intelligent, beautifully kind owner and biochemist) by a friend and I am not someone who pampers herself often with facials or other extravagances. After stopping to meet Dana, who instantly envelops you in warmth and welcoming, we then sat for 45 minutes and talked as we got to know each other and she shared her story and passion for her work... I didn't hesitate booking an appt the following week.

The Derma Relax facial which is $99 for 75 min treatment includes cleansing, toning, two Masques, eye treatments and other services depending on your skin. Dana is a true expert and not only anticipates your needs (music softer, a little nap while a masque is on your face, tea etc...) her incredible products (that she developed!!) are organic, medical grade and SPECTACULAR! I do not have a lot of skin issues so I did not expect huge visible results. Wow. I was blown away with how supple, smooth and refreshed my skin looked and felt.

I'm pretty sure my face has found the fountain of youth and you can bet I'll be back for more!

If you have any desire to treat your skin with respect and love this is the place to go for guidance. It also helps that is a gorgeous and inviting space.

What are you waiting for? Your skincare guru awaits."


"I can't say enough great things about DermaUtopia and Dana, the owner. After moving to San Diego from New York in the winter, my skin was as dry as the Sahara. I walked in to the spa shortly before it was closing for the evening to set my appointment for the following week. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcome and didn't want to leave! It is an honor that Dana has become a close friend of mine. She's one of those people you wish there were more of!

I had a regular facial from her. I didn't want to leave even more so than when I walked in the week before! Her skin care products are made with care and quality. I use her sunblock, cleanser and moisturizer. People always tell me how great my skin looks! It has a slight dewy glow, which makes me look refreshed at all times. On the note of Derma's products, Dana will never recommend anything that doesn't make sense for your skin's current condition and your future goals. Treat yourself to something special and see Dana at DermaUtopia!"


"DermaUtopia is a gem of La Jolla. It's a spa with very custom approach and products you cannot buy anywhere else. Everything is organic and ambiance is beyond your expectations. The owner Dana is not only very knowledgeable but also will treat you as you were her only client in the world! Her unique products will blow your current products away! Definitely going back!!!"


"I highly recommend DermaUtopia for organic microdermabrasion and skin care. I had my first treatment last week and can't wait until the next one! Dana, the owner, treated me like a queen with a lovely hand and foot massage in addition to the facial. She is very knowledgeable about medical grade skin care products and talked at length with me about how to best care for my skin. I was very pleased with how my skin looked and felt when I left. In addition, the spa is super cute and parking was a breeze."


"My DermaUtopia Experience - Priscilla Hebert

In this day and age, it is very rare to find a business establishment with the unique combination of qualities that I found at DermaUtopia and in it's owner, Dana.  Her compassion, customer service and personality provided a classic and charming experience.  Now I'm hooked on DermaUtopia - and not just for the facial with the fuzzy robe and yummy hot tea, or the amazing professional grade products used, or the refreshed and renewed way I felt when leaving the appointment, or the life-long friend I made - but on the whole package deal!

Dana took her Sunday to see me, a first time client, rather than spending the evening with her two beautiful daughters.  She opened her business for me to get pampered with an unbelievable facial and even followed up with a cup of hot tea.  We have similar stories, so she became my friend too.  Dana not only is an amazing business woman with an outstanding product that I back 100%, she is kind and considerate and really passionate about overall beauty health and wellness, from the inside out.  

The products she utilizes have provided me with amazing results.  Even though it has been the most stressful time period in my life, my skin hasn't shown results of this stress and has even shown some improvement since using DermaUtopia. I have always been a "product junkie", but now all my half used facial products are being used as extra body products.  I personally have not seen such great results in a product ever!  Now, I think I'm a "DermaUtopia Junkie" !  

Thanks, Dana, for introducing me to such a great product line and reminding the world that passionate businesses with outstanding customer service still exist!"


"As a skin care therapist, I love to get a facial service for my own skin care needs. I want to improve my pigmentation and that is why I picked DermaUtopia for their brand as an organic medical spa treatment therapy.  My experience with their microdermabrasion service was awesome. My skin did not left any redness after the treatment. I felt DermaUtopia skin care products penetrate deeper into my dermal skin layer.  I would definitely get their facial services again to improve my skin tone and reduce my pigmentation."


"I had such a great microdermabrasion facial and organic wax here.  As great as the facial was, the staff made the experience even better.  Dana was so sweet and helpful.  I told her my skin was extra sensitive so she even gave me a sample to soothe the skin afterward. Their products were all organic and smelled amazing, I wanted to eat them.  The prices were also very reasonable."


"DermaUtopia is a beautiful serene spa, most importantly I felt well appreciated and I felt like I've gained a friend. Dana the owner, has made me feel very special like I was family. I appreciate her embracing me into her life and her world. Amazing facials and microdermabrasion. I felt well pampered and the longest relaxation experience ever.  I would highly recommend DermaUtopia."


"I had a great experience at DermaUtopia. They are incredibly friendly and genuinely care about your needs. Before my microdermabrasion treatment we sat down and talked about my skincare goals which I felt was really informational. The treatment itself was fantastic and relaxing. My skin feels hydrated and it is seriously glowing! It's exactly what I was hoping for. I can't wait to go back!"


"Dana and staff are hands down the best of the best.  Their unique skin care approach is the bomb!  My skin looks and feels like it has anti-aged about 10 years since I started using their products.  The Spa itself is enchanting and relaxing... I just like hanging out there.  Their  holistic, organic, and natural approach is perfect for those with sensitive skin like myself.  This is a must stop for anyone looking for reasonably priced QUALITY skin-care options that rock.  Money well spent! Thanks Derma Staff!"


"Dana gives the best facials! My skin is flawless after and she gives the best advice for your skin!"


"I can not say enough wonderful things about Derma Utopia. Dana is amazing- she really knows her stuff (she is brilliant!) and she is so warm, welcoming, and kind.  Received the best facial I've ever had- skin was glowing, and she helped calm some areas that had been aggravated for quite some time.  She is the best!"


"Another unbelievable experience!
They get it right every time - Dana YOU ROCK
Facial dermabrasion treatment was one of the best I have ever received. No sign of redness! I saw improvements in my skin right away, and with each repeat visit those improvements only got better. I've purchased several of their products and am now using the entire skincare line and my face is glowing! I love how everything is natural and organic!"


"Been all around the world .. Yet, No one compares to Derma Utopia!
I have been to many spas but Derma Utopia Spa and Boutique is amazing. When you enter you are greeted by a friendly staff member. You feel at ease due to the relax atmosphere and calm setting.The staff is so friendly, the spa is nicely decorated
Very attentive and friendly , with profound knowledge about all products and real life based advice , very clean facility. Dana  is professional and delivers the exact work you need that totally brings you satisfaction that meets more then your expectations !

Facial dermabrasion treatment was one of the best I have ever received. No sign of redness! I saw improvements in my skin right away, and with each repeat visit those improvements only got better. I've purchased several of their products and am now using the entire skincare line and my face is glowing! I love how everything is natural and organic!
On my second visit baking soda microderm which I highly recommend as well.

Dana the owner is what sets this place apart from all the other spas!
She is professional, she has a lot of experience, she has excellent customer service ethics and she is caring!
I will be recommending my new spa spot to all my friends! 5 out 5 Star!"


"I have not pampered myself in  a very long time. I work near DermaUtopia and had talked with Dana about her services and products. One day my employer went and had a facial done on her lunch and came back into the office and she was glowing! She told me that was the best facial she has ever had. I decided to see for myself.... I am here to tell you it is the very best!!! Dana has an extensive background with the sciences behind our skin and what each individual needs. I not only got the pampering of the century, but I was educated on what I can to do to help the affects of aging. At 43 I am seeing the aging process come more rapidly than I would like. Dana does not push product and is extremely passionate about what she does. I have since brought my teen daughter to get help with her skin and we are both hooked! If you want the best 90 minutes of pure bliss, call for an appointment :)"


"I was glad that I decided to come to DermaUtopia. I had an extraordinary experience during my very first appointment. i was recommended by friends to try out their baking soda microderm. I was absolutely pleased, and will definitely come back for more and more in the future. The owner - Dana and the staffs are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I love love love Dana's fashion style is very sophisticated and chic. At the end of my appointment, I could feel my skin is softer, more youthful and refreshed.
I also a big fan with Dana's skincare products. After my first baby, dark spots started to appear inevitably mostly on my left cheek, and I had tried plenty of different products for dark spots both commercial and clinical rx. But their hydroquinone formula is my LIFE SAVER. Truly thank you DermaUtopia!"


"DermaUtopia is MAGIC.  After my organic microdermabrasion yesterday my skin is SO hydrated and smooth. The spa is so pretty and welcoming too. Everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable with a "customer comes first" attitude. Can you get a facial for less money elsewhere?  Sure. But this is the place to get skin treatments if you are serious about having beautiful skin for more than 45 minutes after your service. You will not be sorry!!"


"Service far exceeded my expectations!  Came in for 1 service and left feeling as though I'd had a full suite of services from a resort spa. The ambiance of the spa is warm and inviting.  The staff friendly and Dana performed and walked me through every step with expert knowledge.  Very pleased with the organic products used.  Very pleased with the results.  No downtime and the tea to go - thanks Dana - is wonderful.  I'll be back!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the facial that I received  at Derma Utopia!  Dana is very knowledgeable, professional, and thoughtful and provided a high quality service that left my skin looking and feeling great!  Also, the facility is beautiful and relaxing.  I highly recommend this spa!"


"Dana is hands-down the most informed when it comes to holistic skin care in San Diego. You will not be disappointed in her hands! I suffer from very severe, scarring cystic acne and my face has never been this great since I was 10 years old! Dana has not just changed my skin, she has improved my life because she has educated me about skin care as well. You are only blessed with one skin, and no one treats it better than Dana."

"I finally feel like I can see the healthy and confident ME!!!!! When I was about to give up hope, Dana at Derma Utopia reached out to me and has done so much for the severe cystic acne on my face. I have tried so many different acne treatments starting at the age of 10 (when I first started getting painful cystic nodules) from ProActive to expensive dermatology treatments. Now at the age of 24, DermaUtopia has not only helped me treat my severe acne, but has also helped treat the severe scarring that my face has suffered from 15 years of aggressive acne. For anyone who suffers from acne, or acne scarring, Derma Utopia has the best acne treatment in the San Diego area. Their all-natural dermatology treatments will give any skin a complete 180!"

"Bought a daily deal from deal me in today, La Jolla.  Best facial and microderm I've ever experienced! Dana, the owner is amazing. So knowledgeable, sweet and helpful, and my skin looked awesome afterwards. The facial was very relaxing, too. DermaUtopia has their own skincare line which is also fabulous. The pics on yelp don't do justice in showing how cute the spa is."


"Derma Utopia is more than a day spa. And Dana is not just another pretty lady--she's an educated scientist with a gift for ultimate pampering. She treats every client like a friend, never rushes anything, and I left feeling relaxed without spending over my budget. As an outdoor athlete in Pacific Beach, my skin goes through a lot. Today Dana gave me my birthday facial which turned into an all afternoon luxury. She also has a line of extraordinary products in her salon from jewelry to my favorite, high quality Tinted Sunscreen. In addition, she is a dog person, which I LOVE. Thank you Dana for everything--I will never forget how enjoyable today was because of you!!"


"I was there with my wife and I believed at first it would be mostly for women but we both had a very good time . The experiance was unbelievable and they treated us so well ! I already have made another appointment because I believe it is the best way to get my skin more young and fresh."


"Dana is the absolute best at what she does. She treated me like family from the minute I walked in and gave me the ultimate spa treatment and the BEST facial I've ever had. I've had microderm several times and my skin is always red and irritated afterwards. I had absolutely NO redness or irritation after the organic microderm which is unbelievable! My skin looks and feels incredible. I can't wait to go back and see her.  I would highly recommend Derma Utopia to all my friends. Thank you Dana!!!"


"I had the Rejuvesilk treatment yesterday afternoon and my skin has never looked so hydrated and smooth! I've had many treatments over the years as I work in the medical skincare industry: IPL, microdermabrasion, laser, that have left my skin irritated, red, flaky and dry. Also, I hadn't expected the process to be so completely relaxing and luxurious. The ambiance is soothing: French music and dim lighting, luxurious linens. I was given a robe and slippers, and a neck warming wrap. The microdermabrasion treatment was comfortable and without particles or residue and yet it felt very efficient at deep cleaning. I know that I was in great hands with Dana--she's very passionate and knowledgeable. The hydrating masks and hand & foot massage felt amazing and it was a complete escape! A mini spa day in the village. My skin had an immediate glow. I recommend doing this before an event for hydrated, luminous skin."

"I absolutely love DermaUtopia's personal line of skincare!  They even carry Latisse and very cute jewelry!!"

"Since the time I started to use DermaUtopia's acne skin care products, I have seen a lot of improvements. I used to have tons of white heads on my face....[I know, it sounds nasty...] Anyway, I got to know about DermaUtopia and started to try out their acne skin care kit. I LOVE!!! the cleanser. I remember I used to cleanse my face with it three times a day, because I experienced a very wonderful feeling from my skin afterward. However, I now only use once a day, which is at night. To be honest, after using the cleanser, your skin will feel really tight, but the moisturizer from DermaUtopia will give you a very smooth and soft skin like baby's after applying. One more thing that you can't skip if you're committed to using Derma's products, it's the SUNSCREEN. Believe me or not, but the sunblock is more than amazing. You don't have to put any foundation on since the sunblock will leave you a perfect look as it was covered by makeup. I am SATISFIED with Derma's products, and I can confidently say I am the live evidence for Derma who improved her ugly skin to a clearer and clear skin now.
You should give this a try. The spa is also awesome. Very UNIQUE and fulfilled with fun moments!!"

"If you're looking for a unique spa focused on natural organic treatments, Derm Utopia will not disappoint you! Dana Vo, the owner,  not only cares about your skin, she cares about your nutrition and lifestyle and provides a unique mind-body experience. Beautiful with skin to die for, Dana  keeps her promise to do whatever it takes to renew your skin, fade age spots, lessen wrinkles and give you a reason to keep coming back!  Holistic with a strong focus on natural organic treatments, the spa's microdermabrasion treatment with baking soda  is amazing.  Referred by a friend who had severe acne and sun damage, I was shocked to see her transformed into a woman wih clear beautiful skin. She didn't look like the same person! Her dark spots were gone and her face actually looked significantly younger and prettier! I've spent a fortune looking for the 'fountain of youth'  - all to no avail!  After seeing the transition from troubling severe skin problems to natural beuty without make-up, I couldn't wait to meet Dana and begin a program that would change my life!  I had had microdermabrasion before but nothing like the treatment Derma Utopia provides using baking soda! Gentle and relaxing Dana's strong desire to do the very best for her clients is something you don't find everyday! Believe me - she will do whatever it takes to pamper you and give you the skin you've dreamed of! I can't say enough about the results Dana provided! I too look  younger and refreshed with glowing skin. My 'crows feet' aren't 'crowing anymore - they' seem to have disappeared thanks to Derma Utopia! I'm definitely 'hooked' and wouldn't go anywhere else knowing that my skin is going to look even better! I follow Dana's nutritional guidance and use her incredible products developed by Derma Utopia using all natural organic ingredients. After seeing the results and taking Dana's advice to heart, I've learned risky injections and the newest technology available today pale when you consider Derma Utopia's all natural approach to skincare. There's no downtime and no risks - just an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable hour or so being pampered by a kind and caring staff who really go the extra mile to deliver the results you thought were impossible! And make time to enjoy their array of intriguing tea! I've never heard of 'TEA TIME' before - the experience is delightful and very authentically asian! Enjoy every minute of your journey to beautiful younger looking skin - Beautiful skin in beautiful La Jolla!"

"I have very sensitive skin.  Whenever I tried new products,  I get rashes.  However,  Derma Utopia's skin care is so gentle that works very well for me. Everyday,  I put on Tinted sunscreen SPF50, it makes my skin feel soft and cover that don't have to use moisturizer and foundation."

"I have known Dana the owner for six years and I wish I started on her skin care line sooner!  Long story short yes we are BFF and yes we work together because I started off as a customer about 10 months ago using her services and products and I saw an amazing change in my skin, and so did my family and friends. My favorite was the "Perfect 10 Peel", the day before our Europe trip last year, no down time and my skin felt tight and rejuvenated. I really trusted her because during the trip I was worried about peeling and the sun. People on the plane could not believe I just had a peel and my face was glowing. Once a month I always have on my calendar to do the "Organic Microderm" treatment, so relaxing and a hour later with her two custom masks & hand & feet massage my face feels and looks 10 years younger. I can write a super long review with every product & services that I am currently using, but I want you to experience her products and personal consultation to gain the maximum benefits to naturally see what Derma Utopia can do for you.

This is what DermaUtopia did for me: My pore size reduce and my skin texture is more radiant and smooth. I am no longer having to deal with all the "Milia" pimples I had due to using the wrong cleanser and scrub. My Hyper Pigmentation is lighter everyday and my skin is tighter. Especially my eye area, I use to have lots of crow feet wrinkles and dark circles and puffiness, thank gosh for her products, after 3 months these three issues are gone! DermaUtopia step by step daily regimen has completely made me more confident to be able to not wear foundation to cover my flaws. If you follow her guidelines and have patience it so worth your time, because each skin reacts differently and at the end of the day your consistence will pay off!"

"I was glad that I decided to come to Dermautopia. I had an extraordinary experience during my very first appointment. i was recommended by friends to try out their baking soda microderm. I was absolutely pleased, and will definitely come back for more and more in the future. The owner - Dana and the staffs are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I love love love Dana's fashion style is very sophisticated and chic. At the end of my appointment, I could feel my skin is softer, more youthful and refreshed.
I also a big fan with Dana's skincare products. After my first baby, dark spots started to appear inevitably mostly on my left cheek, and I had tried plenty of different products for dark spots both commercial and clinical rx. But their hydroquinone formula is my LIFE SAVER. Truly thank you Dermautopia!"

"When I decided to get microdermabrasion I did my research.  I wanted it to be completely organic.  Derma Utopia is the only business in San Diego to offer microdermabrasion with baking soda.  I loved how my face felt after only one treatment.  Dana, the owner, is amazing.  She treats you like family and never makes you feel rushed.  Don't leave without asking about her beauty product line.  It's the real deal.  I didn't know my skin could feel so soft."

"I had a wonderful facial today!  I am 7 mo pregnant and all the products are organic so I didn't have to worry about contraindications for the baby.  While my mask was on my knees and feet were rubbed.  I will definitely go back!"

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