President and Founder of DermaUtopia


Born in Vietnam, and raised in both Vietnam and The United States, Dana came to the United States to stay at 16 years of age. Having been exposed to diverse culture, Dana considers herself still very traditional yet very American. Her traditional values are very much at the heart of her spa and continue to inspire her visions and dreams of the future. As a Bio-Chemist, Esthetician, Mother and Lover of natural beauty, she has traveled the world pursuing the things she loves and make her happy. A-top this list was in locating and traveling to the top three medical labs in the country which resulted in the creation and branding of DermaUtopia, the perfect line of natural skin care products.     


Since childhood, Dana always felt she knew her destiny and has always tenaciously pursued the things that make her happy. In 1998, Dana graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Biochemistry. In 2001, she obtained her Real Estate License while completing her MBA in marketing from Golden Gate University. In 2007, she obtained her esthetician license. She opened DermaUtopia Spa in 2015 where she released one of the most powerful, all natural skin care lines on the market. Her products and methods are 100% Organic and are specifically designed for the treatment and prevention of low self-esteem resulting from problematic skin and aging. Believe it or not, Dana is over the hill and in the recently taken picture above, she is wearing no foundation. She believes that when you take proper care of your skin, you are properly nurturing a healthy self-image which leads ultimately to more success in all you do. By using methods she refers to as 90% natural and 10% cosmetic, Dana hopes women will learn to pitch make-up and foundation for good. Having two young girls of her own, she is especially passionate about educating younger women about proper skin care as she believes if they were taught early enough, not only could they prevent years of skin damage and unnecessary aging, but more importantly would grow up with a healthier self-image, naturally. Her holistic approach teaches our youth to love their face through proper attention and care which means less and less young women turning to problematic skin causing makeup.  Wearing foundation is a vicious cycle to Dana.  “We don’t know what is good for our skin, it becomes problematic, we turn to foundation which only creates more problems to cover and round and round we go.”  Instead, Dana would like to help women to discover they don’t need makeup, and that natural beauty is one that comes from the inside out.  


For Dana, DermaUtopia is her life’s passion because it helps people to reach their highest potential through re-gainedor (K)new confidence. Her clinically proven, FDA approved, all natural products and methods continue to capture new audiences around the world. Her product line was even featured in Glamour magazine stating it’s “what skin doctors use on their faces.” For a personalized Derma experience, Dana welcomes you to her “playhouse” for a free consultation and a cup of tea. The proof is in the results, and it’s all her clients are raving about.