Michelle Tamboan, Skin Therapist

My name is Michelle Tambaoan.  I am a Bilingual-Vietnamese Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and a Licensed Skin Care Therapist.  I had a bachelor degree from the University of Utah in Public Health and Psychology Counseling from California Baptist University.  My extensive life story had taught me to reflect resilience, insight, and liveliness about what it means to be human. My struggles within my own life challenges gave me a deep appreciation and gratitude to what life has to offer. My model of therapy is very respectful of the human condition, warm, and nonjudgmental to build a cozy relationship. Indeed my life experiences help me to become an effective and sympathetic therapist. I am a relationship healer. I believe that although we all want to treasure relationships we encountered, sometimes we have to heal our own scars and wounds before we can make peace with others. My role is to walk you through a journey of healing at your own pace. I will work together with you to identify and process the problems lingering for months and years in your past. I am extensively trained in a model of psychotherapy known as Brief Solution Focus Therapy. Problems are only as big as our definition of them.

I counsel couples who are looking to improve their marriages through PREPARE&ENRICH PROGRAM–building strong marriages. I have taught classes such as Healthy Marriage Seminars on topics such as Identify Strengths and Growth Areas between partners, Understanding the Benefits of Healthy Marriage and Their Impact on Individuals, Couples, Children and the Community; Effective Communication Skills, Anger Management Skills, Money Management Skills, and Roles & Responsibilities in a family.  I consider it an honor and a privilege for practice relationship counseling, individual counseling and marriage counseling. Relationship counseling requires courage. It can help you achieve fulfillment and mastery. Trust the process!

I’m grateful to be part of the DermaUtopia Spa team to work as a Licensed Skin Care Therapist and a Life Coach. I had the opportunity to experience medical grade products and really see the differences on my skin, especially the hyperpigmentation issues. My primary goal is to communicate Love, Peace, Harmony and Relaxation to you with my meaningful touch and DermaUtopia clinically proven medical grade products. You will achieve the optimal inside-out beauty.