As we age, our hormones decline in production and their health-giving effects falter.

First, we notice imbalance, perhaps with menstrual problems, fatigue, and weight gain. Then, continuing: Stressed out, Unhappy, irritable, Sex is painful and not interested in sex, Carbohydrate cravings, Feeling cold / cold hands & feet, Tired all the time, Fragile emotions, Thoughts of suicide, Dry /coarse / thinning hair, Brittle / flaking fingernail, Can’t sleep, High cholesterol, Chronic respiratory infections, Osteoporosis, Decreased memory, Chocolate/salt cravings, Fibrocystic breast, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Excessive monthly bleeding, Breast cancer risk, Risk of Alzheimers, PMS, Hot flashes, Monthly Migraines, Scatter-braine

The hormones of youth arise from the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the ovaries, the testicles, and the pituitary gland. 

The best, reasonable answer to age-related hormone decline is supplementation with exact copies of the missing hormones, to reach youthful levels.  

Modern pharmacy produces these bio-identical substances, usually through laboratory manipulation of botanical source material.   Some hormones, such as growth hormone, are produced through recombinant DNA technology.  

The term, Ahormone@, has been confusing to people.  Drugs, not found anywhere in nature, but attaching themselves to hormone receptor sites in the body, have unfortunately and improperly been referred to as Ahormones@.  Theses drugs, which are foreign to the human body, cause side affects, including cancer and heart disease.  

Natural, or bio-identical, hormones are created in the human body.  Thus, the body naturally has all the mechanisms required to utilize them without dangerous side effects.

Besides reversing the aforementioned symptoms of hormone decline, bio-identical hormone replacement prevents the diseases of aging, thus allowing not only a longer life-span, but a longer health span.

Healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, exercise, and sleep, combine with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and autologous stem cell therapy to promote continuing health during the aging process.

How does bio-identical hormone replacement therapy proceed?

The prospective patient provides historical medical information, has a physical examination, and undergoes laboratory blood studies.  

Vitally, laboratory measurement of hormones and other physiological variables, such as indicators of inflammation, allow the doctor to adequately come to a decision with patients about how to proceed.  Ideally, the lab report should be in the doctor=s hands prior to the first consultation, in order for the doctor to become oriented adequately to the patient=s situation.

It is important for the patient to have an adequate orientation to the basics of natural hormone replacement therapy and the concept of Anti-aging@ in general.  Thus, the patient should engage in directed reading and spend adequate time with the doctor.  All aspects of modern communication should be utilized to that end.

At the present time, bio-identical hormone replacement and stem cell treatments are not conventional therapies.  Thus, they may or may not be reimbursed by insurance companies.  Conventional medical institutions and doctors may dissuade patients from engaging in anti-aging therapies.  

For this reason, unconventional treatments are paid for by the patient with cash.  The patient will be given a standard medical receipt for use in applying for reimbursement from insurance companies.  

The reason that patients continue to seek unconventional health care is because such care may provide health benefit when conventional medical remedies simply do not work.

In the end, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is about the production and maintenance of health!